C.A.R. creates educational, age-based programs on an annual basis to guide members' state and society activities! Read more...

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C.A.R. relies on volunteer and financial support to operate annual programs.  Consider a donation to support tomorrow's leaders, today! 

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Members benefit from the fun activities and leave their own legacy in C.A.R. for future C.A.R. members.  Build your legacy of membership today!

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"I think you will agree with me that the hope of this country is with her youth...."- Harriet M. Lothrop, N.S.C.A.R. Founder
  • 9,688 members strong

C.A.R. Alumni often give back to C.A.R. by serving as Senior Leaders.  2016 Eastern Region Meeting

The Value of Membership - From the Members!! 

"The meetings and activities were always enjoyable thanks to your guidance and ever persistent smile. You pushed me to work hard and to spread the values of C.A.R. to others and for that I am very grateful. I learned a great deal from you and I hope to apply those lessons to my remaining years in C.A.R."

"We help kids learn about what's right with our country. We teach them about patriotism and about Kids helping other kids. We help them learn about the American Indians, children of the mountain schools and conservation. We help them grow into good American citizens."

"We mentor and mold tomorrow's leaders."