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  • On September 29, 2019 members of the Swamp Fox Society in Pompano Beach, Florida visited the Florida Citrus Model Train Society. Thank you to Joe Motes of the SAR in Fort Lauderdale for inviting us to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Trans-Continental Railroad and learn about the history of train travel in America.

    Swamp Fox Model Train Society Meeting.jpg

  • Captain Matthew Ramsay Society, California is busy collecting shoes for the State President’s Project, Soles 4 Souls. On October 8 they packed 235 pairs of shoes into 11 packing boxes which will be taken to the nearest UPS and mailed. To-date, the society with its sponsoring bodies, Santa Clara Chapter DAR and California District VI DAR, have collected and donated 308 pairs of shoes for those in need.
    Capt Matthew Ramsay Society shoes October.jpg
    Capt Matthew Ramsay Society shoes October 2.jpg

  • Members of the Samuel Jones Society in Texas attended the Constitution Week luncheon held by the Corpus Christi DAR chapter on Saturday, September 21, 2019. They rang bells to celebrate our freedom and listened to a wonderful presentation by Dr. Peter Moore on the framing of the Constitution. Society President Jacob C. assisted the DAR Chapter Curator with setting-up and taking-down the flags.
    Sanuel Jones Society Constitution Week.jpg

  • The Elisha Winn Society hosted a social for the Georgia State Society President at the annual Winn Fair on October 5, 2019.  The day included an etiquette lesson from a retired teacher, a blacksmith lesson from the Society librarian, and a tour of the oldest home of the Gwinnett County, Georgia and possibly the oldest building in metropolitan Atlanta.
    Georgia social 1.jpg
    Georgia social 2.jpg

  • The Governor William Bradford Society in Rhode Island hosted a state duckpin bowling social on Oct. 5. Society President Liam K. had fun bowling and eating pizza with his C.A.R. friends and family. The duckpin bowling social, now in its third year, is quickly becoming a RI C.A.R. tradition enjoyed by members and seniors alike!
    RI bowling social.jpg
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  • Los Angeles Eschscholtzia DAR teamed up with C.A.R. to perform a skit and get kids involved in the American history essay contest. We visited three fifth-grade classes and were interviewed as passengers of the Mayflower. We then took questions from the kids and I am happy to report all 3/5 grade classes are participating in the history essay contest.
    LAE society promotes essay contest.jpg

  • The Los Angeles Eschscholtzia Society in California headed out in vintage style to a walking tour of Old Hollywood. We learned about the origins of the city and the industry and toured Hollywood’s oldest residence, first theater with sound, and first tourist attraction. It was a great look at Hollywood then and now and how a town and industry emerged that would influence a nation and the world!
    Los Angeles Eschscholtzia Hollywood 1.jpg
    Los Angeles Eschscholtzia Hollywood 2.jpg
    Los Angeles Eschscholtzia Hollywood 3.jpg

  • The Bernardo de Galvez Society in Texas unveiled a new society flag during our September 8th meeting. We are so excited to finally have our flag and we are proud to display it. We had several fun activities during our meeting, including listening to a guest speaker talk about Spain's role in the American Revolution, a presentation on how to properly care for and preserve old documents with examples from our members of old letters from the Civil War and an original land deed from 1821, a slide show on the history of the Battleship Texas, and of course, the pee-wee coloring corner! 
    Our guest speaker was Mary "Anthony" Long Startz, Regent of the Lady Washington Chapter and a member of the Houston Chapter of the Granaderos Y Damas de Galvez.
    Bernardo Flag.jpg

  • On October 5, 2019, the George Ross Society - Lancaster, PA, partnered with St. James Episcopal Church to offer children’s craft stations as part of the church’s 275th Anniversary Family Retreat Day at the Lancaster Historical Society, known as “LancasterHistory.org” where President James Buchanan’s Wheatland is located.  Society members received a healthy dose of leadership and “Events Planning 101” skills as they participated in event preparation, managed the set-up, executed the station activities while creating awareness for C.A.R., and facilitated the tear-down at event’s end. Society members organized and tested craft supplies, prepared N.S.C.A.R . brochures, and pre-packaged red, white, and blue candy bags containing a note detailing the N.S.C.A.R. Mission and Society contact information.  The Society provided a station featuring a quill-and-ink writing activity:  children traced the signatures of two historically significant St. James members: George Ross (for whom the Society is named) - Declaration of Independence signer, and Dr. Edward Hand - Adjutant General to George Washington.  Afterward, members read aloud the book In 1776, by Jean Marzollo.  A special highlight for Society members was having their picture taken with Martha Washington and President James Buchanan, who both were participating in a Living History event inside President Buchanan’s home!

    St. James Anniversary Stations.jpg
    St. James Anniversary Stations2.jpg
    President Buchanan.jpg
    Martha Washington.jpg

  • Episode 4 of the Talking C.A.R. Podcast from the Jason Russell Society is now up and available for listening. This month Reese & Taryn talk about Membership!! Visit www.buzzsprout.com/424219 to listen to this episode and previous episodes, or you can find us on Spotify or iTunes.
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