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N.S.C.A.R. societies across the country are doing great things all year long! Read through the Blog and look at the pictures to learn about what our members are doing and how they are helping to train good citizens and develop leaders.

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Blog posts

  • RI C.A.R. Advisory Board members used their ingenuity and a new virtual meeting platform to ‘get together’ to elect state officers over the weekend. The group celebrated their success with a proclamation from Rhode Island’s Governor and planned their first community service project for the new C.A.R. year. Members and seniors alike enjoyed seeing one another virtually, and a great time was by all.
    RI Virtual Meeting.jpg
    RI Virtual Meeting screen.jpg
    Governor's Proclamation.jpg

  • Wearing our Tennessee C.A.R. shirts 2 members and 2 seniors of the Pinson Mounds Society went on a trip to the Casey Jones Museum to celebrate Casey’s 157th birthday and to learn about more about trains. Members participated in a scavenger hunt around the museum answering questions and won a train whistle as the prize.
    Casey Jones 1.jpg
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  • One member and two seniors of the Pinson Mounds Society, TN attended the Forgotten Warriors Breakfast on March 7. All proceeds of the $6.00 a person breakfast benefit the Forgotten Warriors project to donate needed supplies to the deployed military women of the 194th Engineer Brigade from our area. Donations of panty liners, women’s black crew socks, women’s white crew socks, lip balm with sunscreen, elastic hairbands, feminine wipes, non-religious all-purpose greeting cards, writing paper and envelopes are all welcome.
    Forgotten Warriors 1.jpg

  • Members of the Pinson Mounds Society, TN gave a program about N.S.C.A.R. to members of the James Madison Chapter SAR, Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR, Chickasaw Bluff Chapter NSDAR, and Hatchie Chapter NSDAR during the quarterly meeting of the James Madison Chapter SAR on March 1.
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  • Check out the latest and last episode of the year of the Talking C.A.R. Podcast from the Jason Russel Society in Massachusetts. Good things come to those who wait! We discuss the National Convention brochure and have an interview with Mrs. Keegan! You can listen through the link below, on iTunes and Spotify, and now we have a Facebook page, Talking C.A.R Podcast. It is on our new Facebook page where can find all of our past episodes and were open to discussion and your ideas for future episodes! Watch here!
    Talking CAR with Jane Keegan.jpg

  • Veterans are some of the most important heroes of our American society. They have fought for our freedoms and risked their lives whether or not society realizes it or appreciates it. We know as descendants of Revolutionary War veterans that we would not have the freedoms we have today without the sacrifice of these courageous men and women. We know veterans have served ALL of us in some way, shape or form and have changed our lives because of it. Because of the intensity and violence of war, we know many veterans also struggle to adapt to regular life once they return home from service.

    This year, Ohio C.A.R. partnered with Save a Warrior, a not-for-profit organization based in New Albany, Ohio. Save a Warrior specializes in working with active duty military, returning veterans, and first responders experiencing psychological trauma. The Save a Warrior program has changed countless lives through its “war detox” program which supports healing from post-traumatic stress.   

    This year Ohio C.A.R raised funds for a scholarship to save one life.  Our goal was a hard challenge, as it is $3,500 to “Just save One” through the  Save a Warrior program. This scholarship, to “Just Save One” is given by Ohio C.A.R., in memory of our friend and fellow C.A.R. member Carl Lewis, who greatly admired our military and veterans. Carl was a member of Mary Van Cleve society C.A.R. and an officer on the Ohio State board. He was fun loving and always smiling at any C.A.R. event. Although we could not save Carl, we are able to  honor Carl’s memory by making a difference in the life of a veteran.   

    This weekend, Ohio C.A.R.  was pleased to present a check Mr. Jake Clark, the founder of Save a Warrior foundation for two scholarships to the "Just Save One" program.   Pictured are State President Matthew Apthorpe and Save a Warrior founder Jake Clark.
    save a warrior photo.jpg

  • On Presidents' Day, February 17, 2020, the Rosalie Society, Mississippi held a Presidential Tea and Civil Conversation.  Members of the MSSDAR Natchez Chapter were invited to celebrate and learn more about George Washington and his 110 Rules of Civil Behavior in Conversation and Company.  
    Members of the Rosalie Society made booklet copies of the 110 rules and discussed them with the DAR members. They served cookies in the shape of George Washington's famous silhouette and chocolate quarter coins.
    All Rosalie Society members donned Colonial attire, and several of the DAR Natchez Chapter members donned Colonial attire as well.  
    MSSDAR Chapter member Joan McLemore presented the Rosalie Society with "George and Martha" wooden spoon puppets as a host gift.
    Fern with Honorary Regent Presidential Tea.jpg
    Presidential Tea.jpg

  • Members of the Rosalie Society, Mississippi, attended the MSSDAR State Conference on February 20 and 21, 2020. The society president got to meet NSDAR President General Denise Doring Van Buren and enjoyed her keynote address on the opening night of the conference.
    Rosalie Society PG.jpg
    Rosalie Society DAR 1.jpg
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  • Nine years ago, if you were to tell me I would make friends across the nation and impact my community, I would have been skeptical. How could an organization of kids that learn about the American Revolution do all that? I am so happy I learned how. The Children of the American Revolution has changed my life and made me the person I am today. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities that the C.A.R. has given me: patriotism, passion for history, friendship, and the opportunity to travel. Before I opened my eyes to the growth that I could experience by being a leader in C.A.R., I was a great team player. After learning leadership skills in the C.A.R., I applied what I have learned to my CAS project for the International Baccalaureate program. For those who don’t know, CAS project is “Creativity, Action, Service” and our service projects are a required component for graduation that has no adult influence. Wishing to make a difference for the long term, I helped design a student mentor program that targeted individuals who needed assistance socially and academically. The project that I helped implement at my school not only improved the social well-being of almost all those who participated, but the grade point averages skyrocketed reducing the likelihood of failure or worse, yet, dropping-out. I know that C.A.R. helped me to have the skills necessary for this project: the ability to plan, communicate, coordinate, and work toward a common goal. Because of C.A.R., there are dozens of high school students who are now on-track to graduate.

    Madden Brady
    Class of 2020

  • On February 15th at a multi-chapter DAR meeting in Boone County, former Illinois State President and Great Lakes Region VP Jacob Shadinger presented Illinois State Project  "All Aboard The Orphan Train".  Several members of the Major Watson Society C.A.R. were in attendance and helped to promote C.A.R. to all the DAR members in attendance.
    Illinois DAR presentation.jpg