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  • On August 18, the Pinson Mounds Society President and Society Vice President participated in the 19th Amendment Celebration at the Sue Shelton White monument. C.A.R. members led the Pledge of Allegiance and, along with Mayor Scott Conger and John Madison SAR member John McCutchen, laid the yellow rose wreath at the base of the Sue Shelton White monument. Sue Shelton White, a Jackson attorney, was president of Jackson Business and Professional Women from 1929-1931 and a long-time member of the DAR. She was the only Tennessee suffragist jailed for burning an image of President Woodrow Wilson in a bonfire in February 1919. She helped lead the way to the passage of the 19th Amendment in the Tennessee General Assembly. Later, in Washington, D.C., she helped write and implement the Social Security Act.
    Pinson Mounds celebrates suffragist.jpg
    Pinson Mounds celebrates suffragist

  • Pinson Mounds Society was represented by the Vice President and Senior Society President during the July 27 Tennessee Society C.A.R. summer packet meeting. The Public Relations Chairman presented the Public Relations program. The Kids Helping Kids Chairman sent a tri-fold for the Kids Helping Kids program. During the meeting, members worked in groups and made cards for veterans. The Pinson Mounds Society Vice President was presented with the National Merit Award Certificate of Participation for the 2018-2019 year.
    Pinson Mounds summer packet meeting award.jpg
    Pinson Mounds summer packet meeting award
    Pinson Mounds summer packet meeting group.jpg
    Pinson Mounds summer packet meeting group

  • Kentucky C.A.R. observed the 237th anniversary of the Battle of Blue Licks on Aug. 17th at the Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park.  The Kentucky State Society Sons of the American Revolution hold a memorial service each year at the monument that honors those who served and died at the last Revolutionary battle in Kentucky.  Kentucky Societies participating in the ceremony included the Jack Jouett, Limestone, Martin's Fort, McConnell Springs, and Thomas Nelson, Jr. Societies.
    Kentucky at Blue Licks 2019.jpg
    Kentucky at Blue Licks 2019

  • Members of the William Byrd Society toured the Freedom Museum in Manassas, Virginia, in July.  The museum tells the stories of ordinary men and women who fought on the battlefront and the homefront to protect our nation’s freedom.

    William Byrd Society freedom museum.jpg
    William Byrd Society freedom museum

  • Captain Matthew Ramsay Society, CA is working hard to support the State President, Andrew Buxton, by collecting shoes for Soles4Souls, his state project.  On August 17, the society collected an additional 21 pairs of shoes , bringing the total collected to date to 73. The society goal was 100 by February 1. With the pace the members are on, it seems likely that the goal will be reached, possibly even far exceeded!
    Capt Matthew Ramsay Society more shoes August.jpg
    Capt Matthew Ramsay Society more shoes

  • Col. Samuel Ward Society of Rhode Island hosted a pizza party to officially kick-off ‘Foundations of Freedom’.  The children created a poster which will be used at upcoming fundraising events and at the state packet meeting.  Children read and discussed George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior and had fun interpreting them into cards for their display.
    Col Samuel Ward poster.jpg
    Col Samuel Ward poster

  • Where has the summer gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was in Washington, D.C., being installed as California State President!

    I recently had the opportunity to speak at the California State Convention of Sons of the American Revolution, and it was a very uplifting experience. My dad is a member, and my brothers and I are junior members, but I did not appreciate all the organization does until I did some research. Here are a few facts that you might not know about this noble group:
    • They have had 16 U.S. Presidents as members
    • They have 27 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients as members
    • They have had over 200,000 members through the years
    • Their service includes educational outreach initiatives that promote American patriotism, and they sponsor competitions and recognize excellence in the youth of today.
    • They are constantly working to recognize our heroes of the past and to build heroes for our future.

    Next month, I will speak at the Southern Council of the Daughters of the American Revolution and will have just as many impressive items to report after that meeting.

    Enjoy the last days of summer!

    Andrew Buxton

  • Caleb Cushing members learned about Ferry Farm and George Washington’s Rules of Civility. They made 15 cards for DAR shut ins for the National Day of Prayer and cards for the soldiers on the Midwest Honor Flights. They also donated 28 coloring books and 4 paint by number books to the mental health units at the VA. They also learned about the National Theme and Project from those who attended Great Plains Regional.
    Caleb Cushing Society 1.jpg
    Caleb Cushing Society 1
    Caleb Cushing Society 2.jpg
    Caleb Cushing Society 2

  • Oregon State now has a newly reorganized Society–Wappatoo Valley! Based in the South Portland Metro Area, the reorganization meeting brought together 6 new, 5 transfer, and 2 prospective members to celebrate. Oregon State C.A.R. officers, DAR State officers, SAR representatives and local city officials brought greetings and congratulations. Afterward, one member gave a presentation on Crossnore and taught the others how we can help. It was followed by building foster boxes for children in our area under the direction of another member. The Wappatoo Valley Society is excited for the future!
    Wappatoo Valley reorganizing 1.jpg
    Wappatoo Valley reorganizing 1
    Wappatoo Valley reorganizing 2.jpg
    Wappatoo Valley reorganizing 2

  • Pierce Downer Members held a C.A.R. 125th Anniversary celebration and pool party August 11th.  Members also had fun interpreting selected “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior” into modern language.
    Pierce Downer Society anniversary 1.jpg
    Pierce Downer Society Anniversary 1
    Pierce Downer Society anniversary 2.jpg
    Pierce Downer Society Anniversary 2