The N.S.C.A.R. Societies in Foreign Countries Committee promotes inclusion of local societies in foreign countries to foster interest in the National Society. Members of local societies in foreign countries are encouraged to participate in the national programs and to attend the National Convention. Stateside members are welcome and encouraged to visit local societies in foreign countries. The primary objectives of the committee are to create closer ties and communicate with C.A.R. members in foreign countries.

Societies have been formed in England, France, Germany, and Mexico. Societies in foreign countries participate in activities with their local DAR, SAR, and S.R. chapters abroad. These societies enter national contests, participate in the national programs, and attend the National Convention. Foreign societies also maintain a presence on the Internet to interact with their members as well as stateside members. Zweibruecken Society, organized in 2006, has a Facebook group Zweibruecken Facebook